Just a bit from Fr Schmidt – April 2, 2023

The End of Lent and of My Assignment

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the news that on July 5 I’ll be assigned as a parochial for the two parishes in Yankton and the six parishes to the north and west of Yankton. Fr. Tom Anderson will be the pastor of the parishes I will be serving. Besides my own position here being eliminated and Hoven and Bowdle being split into two separate pastorates, the other priests in this area will be staying. Fr. Michael Griffin will become pastor for the parishes from Mobridge to Leola, including Bowdle. He will be assisted by Fr. Mark Axtmann and Fr. Tim Cone. Fr. Joe Holzhauser will become pastor for the parishes from Pierre to Hoven with Fr. Brian Simon assisting.

A lot of the details will still need to be worked out, including a revised Mass schedule to come into effect on July 5. Similarly, I would imagine that each pastorate will want to print a common bulletin for all the parishes that will be grouped together and sharing priests for Masses. In the meantime, a couple things that each parish should probably be able to take care of locally would include having counters for the collection and to deposit it and someone to launder the altar linens. Bowdle has a few people involved in these tasks already, but I’ll especially be looking for volunteers in Hoven.

The diocesan financial norms include procedures for keeping the collection secure and having a rotation of volunteers to count and deposit. The altar linens include the cloths (purificators) that I use on the chalice at Mass as well as washing at least periodically the top covering of the altar and the corporals (typically square cloths used underneath the chalice and paten during Mass). I have been laundering these myself in Hoven, but I would like to train someone else to do it before July. Please let me know if you would be willing to help with the collection or with the altar linens.

As we enter into the Holiest Week of the year, during which we celebrate the anniversary of our redemption in Christ, His victory over sin and death through His Cross and Resurrection, may God fill our hearts with His peace, with sorrow for our sins that nailed Him to the Cross, and with the overwhelming joy of Easter morning when new life springs up out of the grave. And here’s to hoping for warmer and greener days ahead!

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