Father Kevin’s Reflection– March 27, 2016–Easter Sunday

CarlHeinrichBlochThe_ResurrectionAs I sit in the office, looking back at where we have been in the past year (thinking about what we will be soon facing for Easter, Confirmation, Graduation … tired and wondering about a nap … I want to say a few “thank you’s”.   I want to thank all the people who have dropped off cookies and cakes and other sweets as well as a great surprise of shrimp of all things (for my Fridays).   Thank you from the bottom of our stomachs!   Thank you also to the others who gave us gifts too.   It is overwhelming to feel the generosity of so many people.


I’d like to thank the folks who decorated all the churches for the Christmas season. They both came out beautifully and the hard work is appreciated the wonderful music during our Concert and Christmas celebrations.   Music lifts us up when performed well.   Now that Lent comes to an end, the somber will be replaced with awesome glory.   Those who plan and execute the music for the churches mightily lift us up!


I mention now just those who are directly involved in the church and the liturgy celebrations.   Now, thinking of those who do so much outside the church.   Those who volunteer at the Treasure Hut, those who help at the Food Bank, the hospital, the nursing homes, pro-life causes merit recognition.   The witness is often lived (and tends to be just “assumed” that’s the way it should be).


Thanks to the rest of the staff and CCD volunteers of both St. Anthony and St. Augustine for all their hard work this past year.   There is so much that needs to get done behind the scenes and the folks that work for us do a great job, every day, all the time.   When I’m feeling overwhelmed, they bring me back; when I need to see the good in others, they show me.    When I feel sad about something they cheer me up and there is something to be said for good people who do good things just because it is the right thing to do.   On top of all that they are crackerjack at their respective jobs…all of them.    Next time you see or interact with a staff member or volunteer, tell them they are awesome, because they are … and so much more.


There are many more people I could thank, but I think I’ll stop with the last but not least, God … Who we tend to forget when thanks givings are going around.   God has blessed me so much and I know He has blessed you too.    I thank God for the many blessings, but I truly thank God every day that I am here as your pastor and while I’m not perfect …  I hope you will join me in this prayer as we journey together on the road home.