Father Kevin’s Reflection– October 11, 2015 — CFSA 2015

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Well, the news is out!  If you have been watching the parish bulletins … the CFSA pledges and goals have been going amazingly well.   It is SO GREAT not to have to preach over and over on the importance of CFSA … you all figured it out … THANK YOU!


The “Bishop’s Bulletin” will be publishing the results very soon with a parish by parish report.

The near 100 parishes within our Diocese are posted with totals of all the monies paid or pledged to the drive.


*** Here are the totals for our two parishes to date ***


2015 Pledge Drive                              Goal Paid  /   Pledged

St. Augustine, Bowdle                         $ 16,870     $ 17,730

St. Anthony of Padua, Hoven             $ 26,047    $ 27,962


Total of Both Parishes:                        $ 42,917


Wow! How proud I am of you! Time and time again you demonstrate your generosity and your concern for others in a loving and tangible way.  Yes, both of our parishes exceeded their goal … which is a powerful expression of your desire to help the poor and the needy throughout the Diocese of Sioux Falls!


What’s of particular note is the fact that not every parish makes their goal.  In fact, this makes our accomplishment even more special.  There’s no question that these are challenging economic times and yet you all are committed to sustaining your financial support of the Church.   This demonstrates your understanding that while we not only belong to a “Parish” Church, we also belong to a bigger Church, namely the Diocesan Church, (not to mention the Universal Church joining support with Pope Francis) that needs our commitment to continue the many programs that cross Parish boundaries.


My sincere thanks go to all of you who paid or pledged to CFSA.   And to those of you who did not participate, please know that your payment or pledge will still be accepted and be greatly appreciated … as it will bring the Diocese closer to making its overall goal serving the needs of many.


Please (as I have mentioned in several past parish council meetings), even though we have paid off the goal … if you have pledged and not made the payment … PLEASE still make the pledge payment.   Everything OVER the goal, stays in the parish.   It is not sent to Sioux Falls … it all stays right here.   Also, remember, anything that has been made over the goal amount WILL BE EXEMPT from next year’s assessment (which means, a lower assessment for next year).   If I could have my way, I would have everything brought to the parish would go the CFSA!  (Ask your parish council members why.)


Finally, it is my sincere prayer for everyone that God sends His angels to guard and protect you in the harvest.   May God bless you in your labors as you will feed the world.